Service Assistant

Improve the response time of your service team by monitoring requests in your meeting and event space in real time.1


Main Features

Service Assistant is designed to be highly intuitive, allowing your service team to adopt it quickly. Among its fundamental features are:

  • Visualization of planned requests
  • Visualization of impromptu requests
  • Validation of resource or service delivery
  • Verification of the attendant accountable for delivery

In addition, all interactions are registered on the platform, enabling the extraction of response time analysis and reports.

How it works

Controlling these calls without the right tool can be nearly impossible on the busiest days. The Service Assistant enables teams to organize their services using an easy-to-understand and use list. Teams will not require extensive training to use its features and begin delivering better results. Any new request will be presented to the Service Assistant immediately, allowing for a quick response.

Service aplication 2
Service aplication 3

Setup & Installation

Our 100% web-based room display application is compatible with any tablet or interactive display that supports a web browser.

If you require a more controlled experience, you can use our Neptune Navigator app to disable all other tv features, transforming your equipment into a full kiosk device.

Learn more about the Neptune Navigator app in our Help Center.

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