Event Display

Provide a new way to wayfind your meeting rooms. Prepare your office for an autonomous working model with Event Display.


Main Features

Event display is the most simple and autonomous method for organizing your meeting and event space. Through real-time synchronization, it displays all meetings taking place at a given location, showcasing key details such as:

  • Beginning and ending times
  • Room name
  • Event or Meeting Title
  • Responsible person's name
  • Localization of the space

This will facilitate the visualization and identification of the correct space without the need for a physical reception.

How it works

Using any Smart TV, monitor or digital signage, it displays the entire daily schedule for a specific location, making it easier to identify and locate events and meetings. Its interface can be entirely customized to match your visual identity, and the panel layout can be adapted to spaces with as few as two rooms or as many as dozens of rooms.

Event aplication 3

Setup & Installation

Our 100% web-based room display application is compatible with any tablet or interactive display that supports a web browser.

If you require a more controlled experience, you can use our Neptune Navigator app to disable all other tv features, transforming your equipment into a full kiosk device.

Learn more about the Neptune Navigator app in our Help Center.

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