Desk booking software for smart hybrid work!

Transform hybrid work management with our desk booking solution! Enable your employees to use the office space with ease and agility!

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An easy way to book tables and assets

Check availability

Through the app or web portal check the available desks to book.

Telo Mobile do Neptune mostrando o mapa interativo com as mesas disponíveis

Add Resources

Choose which resources you need and select the day and time you want.

Tela de reserva de mesa do Neptune


Check in at the desk with the app and use during the reserved period.

Tela do Neptune que mostra as reservas que foram feitas pelo usuário em uma linha do tempo

Main advantages of our desk booking software:

  • Simplified Configuration

    Easily register the office floor and modify as needed. Our intuitive interface facilitates the process.

  • Efficient Search

    Locate desks by location, department, proximity of colleagues and easily check desks with the amenities available according to your need, filter by floor, area or staff.

  • Custom Rules

    Configure profiles for different needs, allowing fixed desks registration on behalf of other employees who do not adopt a rotating scheme.

  • Hybrid Scale Planning

    Organize team schedules and locations to optimize hybrid work by easily identifying presence in the office or home office. You can also make reservations for groups/teams in certain locations.

  • Various ways to Book

    Choose from list, timeline or office map, accessing via app, web portal or interactive totem in the office.

  • Smart Filter

    Filter for desired amenities, such as monitor, PC, temperature, telephone, videoconference, among others, for a personalized and comfortable experience.

An image demonstrating how simple it is to configure the map in the office in our software
Demonstration of an efficient desk search in the office
Demonstration of how our software offers different ways to create customizable rules
Demonstration of a manager planning employees' hybrid schedules
Several ways to book tables at the esciritorio through neptune.
You can filter your search to a desk with specific amenities such as monitor, PC, room temperature, telephone, video conferencing hardware etc.
Blocos azuis com ícones de possíveis reservas adicionais como, ônibus, bicicletário, locker e mais

Explore new booking possibilities

In addition to desks, expand the booking options available for employees. Offer access to other office features such as wardrobes, parking spaces, bicycle space and even seats on the company's charter bus.

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Improve organization with Neptune Work Planning

Neptune Work Planning is the ideal solution for simplifying the management of teams with hybrid scales. Our system allows employees to easily locate and book desktops that fit their needs, ensuring a more efficient work experience.

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Página do sistema Neptune que mostra os relatórios de uso do espaço do escritório

Streamline management

The administrator can configure space usage rules and access real-time reports and graphs that demonstrate office usage. This will help you make better decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If any questions are not answered in our FAQ, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer you :)

  • Why use a desk booking software?

    Having a desk booking software is essential to optimize the use of the work space, especially in environments with hybrid scales. It allows employees to book desks in advance, ensuring that they always have a suitable place to work. In addition, a desk booking system helps to monitor space occupation and use, allowing managers to make adjustments to improve efficiency and comfort in the workplace.

  • What is Work Planning?

    Work Planning is a Neptune feature that simplifies the management of hybrid teams. It allows managers and employees to create work scales by selecting who will be at home or in the office and whether it will be full-day or part-time. It is possible to schedule holidays and absences and to reserve work desks according to your needs, ensuring an efficient organization.

  • How can I use Neptune to better manage office spaces?

    Neptune allows you to optimize the use of space, avoiding under-used or overcrowded areas. It offers flexibility for employees to choose desks according to their needs, collects usage data for better planning, reduces usage conflicts, and improves employee experience while providing a more organized and efficient workplace.

  • How can I hire Neptune?

    To hire Neptune, simply contact us through our website or through the available service channels. Our staff will be happy to provide all the necessary information and guide you through the recruitment process.

  • How is the Neptune implementation process?

    The process of implementing Neptune is quite simple and agile. After hiring, our technical support team will assist in configuring the platform according to your company’s needs.

  • What is the average time for me to be able to use Neptune in my company from recruitment?

    The average time to start using Neptune in your company after hiring may vary depending on the complexity of the implementation and the size of the organization. However, it is usually possible to start using the platform within a few days of the start of the implementation process.

  • What is Neptune? What is it for?

    Neptune is a workplace management platform that aims to optimize the organization and efficient use of corporate environments, including the organization of hybrid work through the creation of work scales. It serves to facilitate the booking of meeting rooms, the management of events, the requesting of internal services and visual communication through digital signage.

  • What kind of company does Neptune serve?

    Neptune serves companies of all sizes that seek to improve operational efficiency and employee experience in their work spaces.

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