Kiosk Display

The easiest way for your employees to find and book meeting rooms and desks.


Main Features

Ideal for use in large reception areas, lobbies, or building entrances to assist people in finding their desk or room, or to interact with Neptune without the use of a computer or smartphone. It can be used on a digital display with a touchscreen, such as a kiosk or tablet.

You can easily reserve a desk or find a meeting room. Use RFID badges or a PIN code to check in (automatically generated by the platform).

  • Book rooms and desks
  • Perform check-ins
  • Find a booking
  • Find your way to the space you booked

How it works

Create an environment in which your employees can find and book meeting rooms and work positions without the need for external applications or the assistance of receptionists or coworkers. Kiosk Display is the ideal virtual assistant for assisting employees in finding the best space, performing check-ins, and making the most of their time getting things done.

Kiosk Display aplication 2
 Kiosk aplication 3

Setup & Installation

Our 100% web-based room display application is compatible with any tablet or interactive display that supports a web browser.

If you require a more controlled experience, you can use our Neptune Navigator app to disable all other tv features, transforming your equipment into a full kiosk device.

Learn more about the Neptune Navigator app in our Help Center.

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