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Optimize the use of meeting rooms with Neptune! Our software simplifies reservations, offers smart room suggestions, and speeds up processes. Offer efficiency and economy for your office!

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Choose the meeting room available
at the desired time.

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Schedule the most appropriate one based
on capacity and resources.

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Confirm your booking

After confirmation, all participants will receive
the meeting details by e-mail.

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The Benefits of Using the Neptune Software

Neptune offers a number of benefits for your office, such as:

  • Space usage optimization

    We allow better use of the available rooms, avoiding empty spaces and maximizing the efficiency of the work environment.

  • Debureaucratization of Processes

    We simplified the room scheduling process, making it faster for employees, without the need for direct contact with the staff responsible for managing the spaces.

  • Conflict Reduction

    We avoid overlapping bookings and agenda conflicts by ensuring that rooms are available when needed and helping to maintain an organized schedule for meetings.

  • Increase in productivity

    With easy scheduling and eliminating delays caused by busy rooms, employees can conduct their meetings more efficiently, increasing the overall productivity of the team.

  • Improves employee experience

    We offer a more enjoyable experience for employees by providing a simplified room booking process and avoiding frustrations caused by busy or unavailable rooms.

  • Offers a complete set of solutions

    With Neptune’s basic plan, you’re not just buying a meeting room booking software. You have access to a comprehensive set of solutions designed to organize and optimize your office.

Photo showing a team using a meeting room to avoid idle space and maximize the efficiency of the work environment.
A person frustrated by the bureaucracy involved in booking a meeting room.
People in trouble for booking the same meeting room at the same time, overlapping each other's meetings.
Employees in a productive meeting.
Employees having a good experience at work.
Image showing the various solutions neptune offers in the basic plan.
Mulher utilizando o booking display antes de entrar em uma sala de reunião

With Neptune solve the following problems:

Difficulty finding available rooms

Bureaucracy to reserve a meeting room

Schedule Conflicts

Misuse of spaces

Collaborators’ dissatisfaction

Excessive spending with under-used spaces

Smart My Office!

Take data-based decisions

With Neptune, you have access to dashboards and detailed reports on the use of meeting rooms. Explore comprehensive charts showing your office usage over time. Identify trends and usage patterns to base strategic decisions about your physical office space.

Our plans & pricing
Página do sistema Neptune que mostra os relatórios de uso do espaço do escritório

Have a complete set of solutions

The Neptune Basic Plan offers a set of solutions you need to optimize your office and increase your team's productivity without weighing your pocket.

With it, you will have access to meeting room management software, interactive tablet displays in your room door, dashboards, smart reports and more!

Our plans & pricing
Mão segurando um cofrinho de porquinho com o ícone de saldo subindo estampado. Ao redor uma mesa com calculadora, moedas e gráficos
equipamentos: booking display, totem, event display e meeting assistant

Smart Displays will
improve your
work experience

Quickly choose a space, confirm your meeting location,
check in, request services from a meeting and much more!
Amaze your coworkers and inspire them to join a smarter office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If any questions are not answered in our FAQ, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer you :)

  • Why do I need a software to manage meeting rooms?

    You need a software to manage meeting rooms to optimize space usage, facilitate meeting scheduling, avoid time conflicts, and ensure better organization for your employees.

  • How can I hire Neptune?

    To hire Neptune, simply contact us through our website or through the available service channels. Our staff will be happy to provide all the necessary information and guide you through the recruitment process.

  • How is the Neptune implementation process?

    The process of implementing Neptune is quite simple and agile. After hiring, our technical support team will assist in configuring the platform according to your company’s needs.

  • What is the average time for me to be able to use Neptune in my company from recruitment?

    The average time to start using Neptune in your company after hiring may vary depending on the complexity of the implementation and the size of the organization. However, it is usually possible to start using the platform within a few days of the start of the implementation process.

  • Can I create room-specific rules?

    Yes, in Neptune you can create specific rules for meeting rooms according to your company's policies and needs. This includes time constraints, scheduling priorities, capacity limits and more.

  • Does Neptune provide hardware?

    Our displays work on the vast majority of tablets and kiosks, but if you do not have your own equipment, we offer unique hardware to complement your workspace management solutions, ensuring durability, high performance and expert technical support.

  • What is Neptune? What is it for?

    Neptune is a workplace management platform that aims to optimize the organization and efficient use of corporate environments, including the organization of hybrid work through the creation of work scales. It serves to facilitate the booking of meeting rooms, the management of events, the requesting of internal services and visual communication through digital signage.

  • What kind of company does Neptune serve?

    Neptune serves companies of all sizes that seek to improve operational efficiency and employee experience in their work spaces.

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