] Meeting Assistent - Request services during meetings

Meeting Assistant

Focus on your meeting and let the Meeting Assistant handle everything else.


Main Features

The Meeting Assistant, as a perfect and efficient attendant, will allow you to make requests during meetings in a simple and quick manner, with just a few clicks. Request items like:

  • Coffee
  • Water
  • Equipment
  • Support Services

Besides that, the Meeting Assistant will alert you when the meeting is coming to an end, streamlining end and ensuring punctuality for the day's events.

How it works

Using an intuitive touchscreen interface, the Meeting Assistant enables you to request any resource or service without interrupting your meeting.

It will alert you through audible signals when the meeting is coming to a close, allowing you to better plan your schedule to prevent unpleasant situations, such as leaving the participants of the next meeting waiting outside the room while your meeting is still in session.

 Meeting aplication 2
imagem aplication 3

Setup & Installation

Our 100% web-based room display application is compatible with any tablet or interactive display that supports a web browser.

If you require a more controlled experience, you can use our Neptune Navigator app to disable all other tv features, transforming your equipment into a full kiosk device.

Learn more about the Neptune Navigator app in our Help Center.

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