Hybrid work well done

Prepare your team to extract the office's full potential. Plan the work schedule to avoid usage peaks and empty offices. Optimize spaces and reduce real estate costs.

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Does your hybrid work model really work?

Hybrid work is much more than just desk booking. It is a complete rethinking of the workplace and workforce, providing flexible work arrangements, better work-life balance, and improved communication and collaboration, leading to increased employee satisfaction and retention while leading to cost savings and improved workplace efficiency.

Improve the work experience for everybody

  • Work Planning

    Make the work schedule for your teams and enjoy the benefits of hybrid work, knowing which collaborator will be at the office or at home and optimize time to find them.

  • Multiple Booking Options

    You can book a space by timeline, calendar or availability.

  • Team Dedicated Areas

    You can check spaces available for departments, floor, area or squads.

  • Comprehensive Floor Maps

    Visualize your spaces over floor interactive improving your use experience.

  • Streamlined Collaboration

    Talk to your team and receive notifications in real time. Save all interactions between people, by chats or messages to gain optimization.

Parte do sistema que mostra o planejamento de escala de trabalho híbrido
Demonstração das formas como se pode reservar um espaço no Neptune
Demonstração de uma área no mapa interativo que é dedicada a um departamento específico
Mapa interativo do escritório mostrando os lugares disponíveis
Demosntra a área do sistema dedicada a troca de e-mails
Equipe de mãos unidas e conectadas

Connecting people and places

For hybrid work to be effective and sustainable, it must incorporate both technology and a focus on people. Neptune has all of these and more because we value the importance of a seamless human-to-environment connection and work tirelessly to eliminate distractions and unnecessary costs so you can get things done.

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Some data about Hybrid Work

Check the projections analyzed by
the biggest searches about hybrid work.



of the workers had a productivity increase when use frameworks and other tools for collaboration and management.



of the workers prefer to go to the office if they know that their team can be there too, so they can interact with experience changes.



of high-growth companies use a “productivity anywhere” hybrid work model.



of U.S. companies are using or plan to implement a permanent hybrid work model.



On average, companies see a 12% reduction in turnover when they allow their employees to do at least some remote work.



Companies save $11,000 per year per part-time remote worker, on average.

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