Booking Display

Optimize your rooms while making your meeting space more interactive and productive.


Main Features

The Booking Display is planned to be located in the front of the room, where it will display the timetable for the room while also allowing you to perform the following operations:

  • Book the room
  • Confirm your check-in
  • Extend your meeting
  • Release the room if you no longer require it

How it works

The Booking Display activates the check-in button minutes before your meeting begins. If the no-show rule is enabled, the user has a configurable amount of time to check into the meeting before the system releases the room. Check-in can be done via PIN code (generated automatically by the system) or QR code by using the Neptune Smartphone App.

Booking 7

Setup & Installation

Our 100% web-based room display application is compatible with any tablet or interactive display that supports a web browser.

If you require a more controlled experience, you can use our Neptune Navigator app to disable all other tv features, transforming your equipment into a full kiosk device.

Learn more about the Neptune Navigator app in our Help Center.

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