Modernizing Workplaces: The role of applications
in office efficiency

Modern offices: creating an efficient workplace


In recent years, we have witnessed a significant transformation in the way offices operate. Driven by technology and driven by the unceasing quest for operational efficiency, workplaces are evolving to become more intelligent, collaborative and adaptable.

In this text, we will explore how these tools, including employee experience software, are reshaping the office landscape.

The impact of technology on working environments

Since the beginnings of offices, technology has played a key role in the evolution of work processes. From paper and pen to sophisticated data management systems, technology has been a catalyst for change.

According to a report by the International Data Corporation (IDC), 80% of companies are investing in digital technologies to improve their workplaces by 2026. This trend reflects the growing need for technological solutions that optimize efficiency and productivity in companies, leading them to seek to have modern and sophisticated offices..

Workplaning ferramenta de administração de escala de trabalho

Modern applications and their relevance to technological growth

Office collaboration applications and tools are playing an increasingly important role in optimizing workflows and improving employee experience.

A Gartner survey revealed that 67% of companies are deploying online applications to improve internal collaboration and communication. These tools offer a variety of features, from meeting room reservation to requesting services, simplifying tasks that used to be time-consuming and complex.

In addition, some of the applications are highly customizable and can be adapted to the specific needs of each company, ensuring a tailor-made solution for each workplace.

Now let’s mention some apps that can help transform your workplace, bringing more efficiency and collaboration to people.

Booking Display: Transforming meeting room booking

Booking Display is a remarkable example of how modern apps are simplifying the management of workplaces. This software, which can be installed on tablets and touchscreens, allows employees to book meeting rooms quickly and easily, as well as confirm check-ins, display internal announcements and more.

With an intuitive interface and multiple customization options, Booking Display is becoming an indispensable tool for modern offices around the world. According to a Deloitte survey, the use of meeting room reservation systems results in an average savings of 27% in time spent on scheduling processes.

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Workplaning ferramenta de administração de escala de trabalho
Workplaning ferramenta de administração de escala de trabalho
Event Display: Facilitating event scheduling

Another example is the Event Display, which offers a simple and autonomous way to organize events and meetings, using only a Smart TV. With real-time synchronization, this app displays all meetings that take place in a given location, making it easy to view and identify the correct space. With details such as start and end times, room name and event title, the Event Display makes scheduling events an easy and efficient task.

According to a Harvard Business Review study, the implementation of meeting room booking systems results in a reduction of up to 50% in time spent on unproductive meetings.

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Kiosk: A revolution in navigation and bookings

Kiosk Display is another innovative tool that is transforming the modern workplace. Ideal for use in reception areas, halls or building entrances, this app helps people find their desk or room, book meeting rooms and more and is compatible with all the market’s touch-sensitive totems and screens.

With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Kiosk Display is simplifying the lives of employees and improving the efficiency of offices..

A study by McKinsey & Company found that the deployment of space reservation apps can increase productivity by up to 25%, making it easier to understand why Kiosk Display is gaining space in large companies.

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Workplaning ferramenta de administração de escala de trabalho
Workplaning ferramenta de administração de escala de trabalho
Meeting Assistant: Simplifying meetings and requests

Meeting Assistant is a virtual assistant designed to simplify the management of meetings and requests during corporate events. Using a touch-sensitive tablet or screen, it has features such as requesting resources and services during meetings and automatic end-of-meeting alerts, allowing teams to stay focused and gain efficiency.

A Forbes survey showed that the automation of work processes can result in savings of up to 40% in operating costs.

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Service Assistant: Accelerating service and support

Finally, the Service Assistant is an essential tool for internal service and technical support. As it can be installed on tablets or any type of computer, it allows real-time monitoring of service requests and validation of delivery of orders, improving the efficiency of the service team and ensuring a positive experience for employees and guests.

According to data from McKinsey & Company, companies that implement service solutions can see up to 20% increase in satisfaction and a reduction of up to 15% in operating costs.

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Workplaning ferramenta de administração de escala de trabalho

Adding value with digital signage

Digital Signage, or digital signage, is a powerful visual communication tool that has revolutionized the way companies interact with their target audience.

Through digital displays such as screens, monitors and panels, digital signage enables the dynamic display of multimedia content, such as videos, images, messages and ads. This technology offers a wide range of applications, from advertising and marketing to information and entertainment.

Digital signage plays a key role in improving efficient communication in the desktop environment, enabling the display of announcements, meeting times, interactive maps and more. Moreover, Neptune’s digital signage system is highly flexible and customizable, allowing companies to adapt content to their specific communication needs and objectives.

Workplaning ferramenta de administração de escala de trabalho

With its ability to attract public attention and transmit information quickly and effectively, digital signage continues to gain prominence as an essential tool for the modernization and efficiency of the workplace.

According to IDC data, offices that invest in digital signage technologies experience an average 20% increase in operational efficiency.

These application features are available on our plans, and you do not need to pay an additional license to use them. The displays can be used on any compatible device, or, if you prefer, you can check out our exclusive equipment, where you find devices with higher durability, high performance, specialized technical support and possibility of integration with automation modules. Contact us for more information.


As offices continue to evolve, modern applications, quality equipment and digital signage tools will play a crucial role in the modernization and efficiency of the workplace. So investing in these solutions not only improves the employee experience, but also boosts the productivity and success of companies. We are committed to providing innovative, high-quality solutions to help offices thrive in the digital age.

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